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Spud found his best bud (Adopted)


Spud was brought to TAG by one of our outreach gentlemen on the 27th of January 2022. Spud did not belong to him but to his neighbour, he had been knocked down by a car and as a result had multiple fractures to his pelvis and femur. Fortunately for Spud, they were not open fractures and the bones were still in alignment. Being a young kitten was also in his favour which would allow the bone to knit again without the need for pinning. This meant a lengthy stay at our vet for pain medication with restricted movement in order to give the fractures time to heal and of course loads of TLC. Spud was extremely brave and took his medication like a champ and despite the pain he must have been in, not one growl, hiss or scratch, just love and purring all the way. Spud has been released into our care after 1 last set of X-Rays to ensure that his fractures have mended and is now at TAG awaiting his furrrever family.

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