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Mellow is our beautiful deaf rock star, she was abandoned in Cloverdene. She has been with Tag for 2 years now and is about 4 years old. Her previous family didn’t understand her, they didn’t know that when they spoke to her she couldn’t hear them, unfortunately they yelled and got angry, to the point of abuse and complete neglect. When we started working with her she was so scared and we too didn’t understand why she did not listen nor react when spoken too, yet the minute she saw us she was happy and all waggy tailed. One morning Annie walked pass her kennel and called, there was no response frightened she went in only to discover she was fast asleep and cant hear anything. Immediately Katie started working with her. She quickly started understanding sign language and just became so much happier.

Mellow adoption TAG pitbul sitting
mellow white pitbul tag adoption
mellow pitbul laying down

Mellow loves walkies and attention, she is special needs because of being deaf. She needs a loving and understanding family.

To adopt Mellow send us a email or feel free to call or text. You can come and meet her and spend some time with her as love is her favorite pastime.

Interesting fact : Deafness is not uncommon with white Pitbull’s.

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