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This is Maxine she is a Sheppy x female mommy doggy. Maxine is about 2 years old.

Here’s her story

We got a call from Bredell cemetery about 10 weeks ago regarding a very scared starved doggy. We rushed out and picked her up, she had to go to the vet immediately as malnutrition was obvious. The doctor put her on a drip and she was admitted. The next day doc phoned and said she has 7 little surprises for us. So Maxine was so skinny we had no idea she was pregnant. She was moved back to our kennels and wow what a beautiful mommy she was. Maxine deserves a second chance, she will be sterilized and wants a real family to love.

Maxine loves people, she adores a good brush and is very inquisitive. She likes to go for walkies and does very well on leash.

Maxine is not fond of kitties but gets along with other doggies, meet and greet with other doggies will be good.

If you are interested in giving her a chance to be part of a family fill out the contact form below and come meet your girl.


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