Hi Tag team,

Welcome to our website, here we will update you on what’s happening. From events, outreach, sponsoring, volunteering, educational post, what’s going on in the community and most importantly adoptions. You will also meet our team and volunteers as well as the pawsome fur babies at our kennels.  

Firstly, we would like to thank Sean and Sabine for taking the time to come all the way from Belgium to help us with our website. Thank you for hosting our site and making it possible for us to reach international waters, also thank you for the “not sitting behind the screen help” from walking doggies to packing shelfs… the list goes on.  

At Tag we strive not only to rescue but to educate. Our directors Annie and Katie takes the extra mile and by no means leaves any stone unturned, they are superheroes in disguise, to be honest they would make ancient gladiators blush and their little metal tunics would melt!  7 days a week, 365 days a year, always ready. Rainy, stormy weather, blistering cold it does not matter. Busy motorways to main roads, rural areas to the mine dumps… if they get a call, they just think about the fur baby that needs their undivided attention and they are all hands-on deck. But apart from rescuing they never stop to educate. We all learn from them and relay their message to the community, so please keep an eye on this site because being part of the Tag team means you need to help us bring the massage forward and maybe just maybe we will have less dogs and cats in shelters and on the streets and more sterilized and in loving homes.

Check in with us soon. More posts will come shortly. We are always here, like Annie always says “a good captain never abandons her ship”

Stay safe Tag team 😊


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